Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book Wreath

Thank you, Pinterest. I have another craft I have to do! I thought this was beautiful, though I felt so guilty cutting up a book to make it. I found The Count of Monte Cristo and Camille by Alexandre Dumas at DI, which are my two favorite books. After four sticks of hot glue, burnt fingers, down one book, and 200 cones later, this is what I came up with! I love looking at the pages and being able to recognize the story, I smile every time.

Overdue Update

This semester has been so busy and I've gotten too far behind on my posts. Now it's time to play catch up!

To start off the semester, I made a birthday cake for my roommate, Hannah. Happy 22nd birthday, Hannah! (You're just going to ignore that this is three months later...) I had so much fun making this cake and it was probably one of the easiest ones I've decorated! I experimented this time with a Swiss meringue butter cream, which is much more forgiving than regular butter cream and not nearly as sweet, where the icing is a good inch thick. I love how fancy it looks, when all I did was take a petal tip, and a few zig-zags later, voilĂ !

My favorite part of the cake is the layers, all five of them. I did a gradient from dark yellow to white with an easy raspberry filling in between.
I slacked off and got busy with school, I didn't do too much for a few months until Christmas time. Merry Christmas! Mom gave me a small budget and asked that I do a Christmas/wintery display in the nook above the dining table. I absolutely love decorating and went to town at Hobby Lobby. I think Mom almost died when she saw I was buying dark red feathers and gems to put in the garland, but I like how it turned out.


Over the past couple of months I've become addicted to Pinterest. (Thanks Amber and Sarah!) I've learned things from fashion and hair tips to homemade dishwasher detergent recipes to more craft ideas than I'll ever be able to do! One day I saw a picture with baked marbles and I thought that they were absolutely beautiful, (much to the cringe of Mom who made these in the '60s). After I baked them, doused them in cold water and watch them crack, I had to figure out something good to do with them...with a little bit of practice I twisted wire around them and came up with this:

I absolutely love these. I have one hanging on my car mirror and it sparkles so much in the sunlight!